Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Taking care for the environment

In building and managing real estate properties, Warimpex has a social, ecological and economic impact on its surroundings. This impact entails a high degree of responsibility, of which we are fully aware. For this reason, sustainability is an integral part of our business and every project we undertake. We focus on energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources, reduction of CO2 emissions and high-quality interiors in our facilities – both existing and those under construction. All new buildings are certified during construction, and existing buildings are gradually adapted. By acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, certified properties will form a unique part of the Warimpex Group’s sales portfolio. We believe that this kind of attention the environment and to the local communities we involve in the cultural life that takes place in our properties, is our competitive advantage and will contribute to the further successful development of the entire Group.

Mogilska 35 office in balance with surroundings

The Mogilska 35 office building has implemented environmentally friendly solutions aimed primarily at reducing utility consumption. The most important solutions include:

  • reducing energy consumption: energy-efficient light bulbs and light detectors, energy-efficient elevators, a dedicated application that allows tenants quick access to energy consumption data,
  • reducing water consumption: use of main water meters with pulse counters and water meters at each tenant, connected to the building management system (BMS); water leak detection system,
  • waste management: infrastructure to facilitate waste segregation, garbage collection 5 days a week.

In addition, for the sake of safety, health and ensuring optimal working conditions for those using the building, a number of solutions have been introduced that definitely improve working comfort: 

  • solar control: window access for office workers, installation of roller blinds in work areas on the south windows of the building,
  • cooling devices located on the roof of the building,
  • sound insulation to reduce internal noise,
  • adaptation of the building to the needs of people with disabilities: wider doorways, dedicated parking spaces, modern equipped toilets,
  • solutions conducive to employee well-being: kindergarten for employees’ children, underground parking with facilities for cyclists, charging station for electric cars, relaxation zone, convenient stores at your fingertips.