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Investment information

Mogilska 35 office is a modern A class office building, complying with the latest architectural and technological standards.

The building, located close to the very center of Krakow, offers 11,000 square meters of leasable space and meets the highest standards in sustainable design and eco-friendly construction. Spacious interiors, retail and service outlets on the first floor and terraces on the top floors are just some of its many amenities.

The Mogilska 35 office development is an ideal solution for tenants for whom excellent location and functional, modern office space are crucial.

13.453 m2

total building area

1.900 m2

typical floor area


office floors


commercial and service floor


per person - compaction

40 m3

h / person - fresh air exchange


Investment photos

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Applied solutions


Large glazing

Large glazing and excellent lighting

Open windows

Openable windows

Rooms 2.8-3.3 m high

Rooms with a height of 3.1 m

Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings (optional)

Lighting 500 lux

Illumination 500 lux

Efficient air conditioning and ventilation system

Efficient air conditioning and ventilation system

Raised floor system (12 cm)

Raised floor system (13 cm)

Terraces accessible from offices

Terraces accessible from offices

Green balconies

Green balconies

Permissible load: 5 kN/m2

Permissible load: 5kN/m2